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Emerald Twist is the 1st Clean Green Certified Recreational Cannabis in the Nation

What is Clean Green Certified?
Clean Green Certified is the "O" word certification for today's cannabis world.  CGC is the only 3rd party certification program for cannabis available.  A Clean Green Certified farm has passed the most stringent certification and screening program available for cannabis.  CGC farms have been inspected and tested to ensure that toxic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are not used in the production of their products.   Water use, product handling and processing are also inspected and expected to meet high standards.

Why don't you just say the "O" word?

Currently, the government controls the word that starts with an O and ends with a C and has RGANI in the middle.  Cannabis is currently federally illegal.  So, a cannabis producer is prohibited from using the "O" word to describe their production methods, even if they meet the standards of the national program.  If we were growing tomatoes, our products would carry the USDA "O" word symbol.  Since we proudly grow cannabis, we can't do that.   But rest assured, we meet the same standards and our cannabis is eco-friendly, clean and green.


Why does Clean Green Certified matter?

Our growing practices affect our consumers, our employees and our planet.  We feel that it is our responsibility to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. 

  • We don't want to inhale toxic chemicals, and we know you don't either. 

  • We love our employees and we are committed to their health and safety.  Exposure to pesticides and herbicides is not healthy or safe. 

  • We only have one planet and we need to take care of her.  All products used on our farm are OMRI certified. 


How does Clean Green Certified measure up to the USDA National Organic Program?

The Clean Green Certified Program allows the same inputs and uses the same review standards as the USDA Program.   According to CGC's director, Chris VanHook, "This program uses all the same procedures and protocols as the USDA organic program.  If the USDA were to say tomorrow that you can get cannabis certified as organic, everyone who is Clean Green Certified could roll right in." 


But how do you get your plants so big, green and beautiful?

We grow our plants the way they were meant to be grown - with lots of love, care and attention.  "O" word methods mean more work and vigilance for our farmers, but we are committed to the task.  Our growers have studied and worked on organic farms and brought the lessons learned to Emerald Twist.  We rely on nutrient rich, balanced soil and micro irrigation to deliver our plants the nutrition they need.  We deal with plant problems with good old fashioned "O" word methods such as beneficial insects, elbow grease and natural, OMRI registered products.  If somebody tells you that they "have to" use toxic chemicals to grow their buds big, tell them that's not true!

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