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Premium, Sungrown, All-Natural, Slow-Cured Cannabis
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Proud to be the 1st Certified Clean Green

recreational marijuana in the nation!

At Emerald Twist, our passion is growing exceptional cannabis in a environmentally friendly way.   Conscientious pest control, proper curing methods and careful handling ensure a clean and consistent product that can be enjoyed with total peace of mind.


Our Clean Green Certification guarantees that our farm has passed the most stringent agricultural screening program available for cannabis and complies with standards that exceed the USDA program.  You can breathe easy knowing that no  toxic chemicals are used in Emerald Twist's products, not ever.


Our sungrown buds soak up all the goodness of the west coast sunshine while keeping our carbon footprint low. Natural soils and fertilizers give the plants what they need to thrive without the use of synthetic chemicals.  Micro-irrigation systems keep our water usage to a minimum with very little waste, because we all know what a precious resource clean water is.

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Clean Green Cannabis
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